Industry and Technology Roadmaps and Workshop Reports


Working for a Safer and More Secure America Through Innovation and Partnerships: Strategic Plan - Fiscal Years 2004 - 2009

United States Securities and Exchange Commission 2004-2009 Strategic Plan

Technology Vision 2020: A Report on Technology and the Future of the U.S. Petroleum Industry

Technological Roadmap for Low-Power Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Parts

Roadmap for EU-U.S. Regulatory Cooperation and Transparency

Regulatory Perspectives on Investment and Innovation in U.S. Telecommunications

High Efficiency Engines and Turbines (HEET)


What Businesses Need to Know About FDA's Plan to Combat Obesity

Unmanned Aircraft Systems Roadmap 2005-2030

Software 2015: A National Strategy to Ensure US Security and Competitiveness

Science and Technology: A Foundation for Homeland Security

Radio Frequency Identification: Opportunities and Challenges in Implementation

Oregon Department of Agriculture: Strategic Roadmap 2005

National Weights and Measures Benchmarking and Needs Assessment Survey

Future of Systems and Software Engineering

FDIC 2005-2010 Strategic Plan

Data Storage Devices and Systems Roadmap

Cyber Security: A Crisis of Prioritization

2nd Joint Workshop on Measurement Issues in Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes: Purity and Dispersion Part II


Working Draft: Long-Term Strategic Economic Development Plan: Greater Franklin County Region

The Technology Roadmap: Energy Loss Reduction and Recovery in Industrial Energy Systems

The State-of-Art and Future Trends in Testing Embedded Memories

Status and Plans: The Fusion Simulation Project

Roadmap to 2020 -- Defense Industrial Base Capabilities Study

Quantum Computation Roadmap, Pt.1

Quantum Cryptography Roadmap, Pt. 2

NIST-SFPE Workshop for Development of a National R&D Roadmap for Structural Fire Safety Design and Retrofit of Structures: Proceedings

NASA's Microgravity Fluid Physics Strategic Research Roadmap

Integrated National Plan for the Next Generation Air Transportation System

Innovation, Demand, and Investment in Telehealth

Hydrogen Posture Plan: an Integrated Research, Development, and Demonstration Plan

Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Technology Roadmap

Fourth Report on Needs in Ionizing Radiation Measurements and Standards

Forest Products Industry Profile

Fire Protection of Structural Steel in High-Rise Buildings

Clean Cities Roadmap

Clean Coal Technology Roadmap

Chemical Industry R&D Roadmap for Nanomaterials By Design: From Fundamentals to Function

Challenge and Opportunity on the Critical Path to New Medical Products

Carbon Sequestration Technology Roadmap and Program Plan - 2004

Assessment Study on Sensors and Automation in the Industries of the Future: Reports on Industrial Controls, Information Processing, Automation, and Robotics

Assembly Analytical Forum Analytical Tool Roadmap White Paper

Arizona's Bioscience Roadmap

An Economic Strategic Plan for Commerce, Texas

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Strategic Plan

Accelerating Ionic Liquid Commercialization : Research Needs to Advance New Technology

A Roadmap for Integrated Modeling & Simulation for Emergency Response

A Quantum Information Science and Technology Roadmap - Pt 1: Quantum Computation

A Quantum Information Science and Technology Roadmap - Pt 2: Quantum Cryptography


The Chemical Industry R&D Roadmap for Nanomaterials By Design: From Fundamentals to Function

Technology Roadmap for Thermally Activated Technologies

State of Arizona Telecommunications Roadmap

Solar Electric Power: The U.S. Photovoltaic Industry Roadmap

Roadmap for Process Equipment Materials Technology

Roadmap for a National Wildland Fire Research and Development Program

Proceedings of the LADAR Calibration Facility Workshop

Nanotechnology: From the Laboratory to New Commercial Frontiers, Final Report

Metal Casting Industry Technology Roadmap

Micro-CHP Technologies Roadmap

Grid 2030 - A National Vision For Electricity's Second 100 Years

Fuel Cell Vehicles: Race to a New Automotive Future

Fuel Cell Report to Congress (ESECS-1973)

Exploring Our Future: Technical Communication in the Year 2013

Department of Treasury Strategic Plan: For the Fiscal Years 2003-2008

BESAC Subcommittee Workshop Report on 20-Year Basic Energy Sciences Facilities Roadmap

Aluminum Industry Technology Roadmap

A Survey of the Use of Biotechnology in U.S. Industry

A Roadmap for Web Services Adoption: A White Paper by netNumina Solutions

A National Benchmarking Analysis of Technology Business Incubator Performance and Practices : report to the Technology Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce

A Climate Contingency Roadmap for the U.S. Electricity Sector: Phase II


What is the Future of Technology Roadmaps for Optoelectronics Packaging?

Vision for Bioenergy & Biobased Products in the United States

U.S. Small Wind Turbine Industry Roadmap

U.S. Concrete Industry Technology Roadmap

The Science Ahead: The Way to Discovery

The Intel Lithography Roadmap

Technology Roadmap for Intelligent Buildings Technologies

Roadmap for E-Government in the Developing World

Report of the NIST Workshop on Automated Steel Construction

Railroad and Locomotive Technology Roadmap

Origins 2003: Roadmap for the Office of Space Science Origins Theme

New Biocatalysts: Essential Tools for a 21st Century Chemical Industry

National Hydrogen Energy Roadmap

NASA Astrobiology Roadmap

Is Software Modeling a Practical Technique

Industrial Combustion Technology Roadmap

Glass Industry Technology Roadmap

Fuel Cells for Buildings and Stationary Applications Roadmap Workshop

Final Report of the Commission on the Future of the United States Aerospace Industry

Exploration and Mining Technologies Roadmap

Education Roadmap for Mining Professionals

Electric Cooperative Technology Solutions

Defense Display Strategy and Roadmaps

Challenges in Information Retrieval and Language Modeling: Report of a Workshop held at the Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval, University of Massachusetts Amherst, September 2002

A Technology Roadmap for the Generation IV Nuclear Energy Systems

A National Vision of America's Transition to a Hydrogen Economy : To 2030 and Beyond


Vision 2030: A Vision for the U.S. Concrete Industry

Technology Roadmap for Reaction Engineering

Technology Roadmap for Combinatorial Methods

Steel - Industry of the Future

Roadmap for Process Heating Technology

Roadmap - Wisconsin Pulp and Paper Industry

PM2 Industry Powder Metallurgy and Particulate Materials Vision and Technology Roadmap

New Process Chemistry Technology Roadmap

National Combined Heat and Power Roadmap

High Confidence Software and Systems Research Needs

Building Envelope Technology Roadmap

Applications for Advanced Ceramics in Aluminum Production: Needs and Opportunities

Aluminum Industry Vision: Sustainable Solutions for a Dynamic World

Alumina Technology Roadmap

A Science Roadmap for Agriculture

A Roadmap to Wireless: The State of the Technology

An Integrated Roadmap for the Programmatic Resolution of Gas Generation Issues in Packages Containing Radioactive Waste/Materials


Window Industry Technology Roadmap

Welding Technology Roadmap

Vision 2020 Materials Technology Roadmap

Vision 2020: Lighting Technology Roadmap

Vision 2020: 2000 Separations Roadmap

Technology Roadmap for the Petroleum Industry

Mineral Processing Technology Roadmap

Mining Crosscutting Technologies Roadmap

Measurement Needs for Fire Safety: Proceedings of an International Workshop

Local Unified Workforce Investment Plan for the Oregon Consortium and Oregon Workforce Alliance

High Performance Commercial Buildings: A Technology Roadmap

Coating on Glass Technology Roadmap Workshop

Advanced Ceramics Technology Roadmap


Workshop Report on Alternative Media, Conditions and Raw Materials

Technology Roadmap for Computational Fluid Dynamics

Technology Roadmap for Computational Chemistry

MPEG-7 Context, Objectives and Technical Roadmap

Aluminum Industry Roadmap for the Automotive Market

Agenda 2020

Advanced Ceramics in Glass Production : Needs and Opportunities


Workshop Report: Process Measurement and Control: Industry Needs

Vision for the Welding Industry

The Future Begins With Mining: A Vision of the Mining Industry of the Future

Technology Roadmap for Materials of Construction, Operation and Maintenancein the Chemical Process Industries

Robotics and Intelligent Machines (RIM): A Critical Technology Roadmap

Parabolic-trough technology roadmap: a pathway for sustained commercial development and deployment of parabolic-trough technology


Electronics Industry Environmental Roadmap